Zoom of Life

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Zoom of Life

Post by Kesan Pertamax on Wed 4 Jun - 8:53

human beings are such small creatures, aren't they?

so don't be too calculative on everything,

treasure every moment, do what you wish to do......

broaden your view, broaden your mind,

don't worry too much about things that are bothering you,

do treasure your life, live safely and peacefully,

always be happy to welcome the coming of the new day...... enjoy the sunshine......

always look at the brighter side of things......

Kesan Pertamax
kejar setoran
kejar setoran

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Re: Zoom of Life

Post by !go on Wed 4 Jun - 13:09

beautifull images..
beatifull words...
nice thread...

I agree with the statement to be always view something through the positive side...

but its kind a hard,,sometimes...

I know its really beautiful if we can.,,,
but to be honest sometimes we need to cry on a thing...
we need to dive into our sadness,,,feel it...

then we know the big picture of a thing...

but actually its good to be happy...
its good to be positive...
kejar setoran
kejar setoran

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